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Product Picture Product name Specifications
Extra black black yarn DTY Low elasticity: 75D/36F, 100D/36F-48F, 120D/72F, 150D/48F-96F<br />Light mesh: 75D/144F, 100D/144F, 120D/144F, 150/144F<br />Black and white: 300D/576F
Yarn-dyed Woolenex DTY flat + round-hole colored yarn round-hole +round-hole colored yarn flat + flat colored yarn: 300D/576F(S+Z)
Cation DTY 75D/36F, 100D/144F, 150D/48F, 200D/72F, 300D/96F<br /> Light mesh: 150D/144F, 150D/288F<br /> High elasticity: 300D/96F
Super fine denier Yarn-dyed Super fine denier DTY No mesh: 50D/36F, 75D/36F, 75D/144F, 100D/36F, 100D/48F, 118D/72F, 150D/48F, 150D/96F, 200D/96F, 300D/96F
Light mesh: 50D/72F , 75D/72F, 100D/144F, 120D/144F, 120D/192F, 150D/96F, 150D/144
Flat DTY Light: 75D / 144f, 100D / 192f, 120d / 192f, 140d / 288F, 150D / 288F, 200D / 288F<br />Half light: 120d / 192f, 150D / 288F
Cation polyester composite Cation polyester Woolenex DTY S+Z Cation polyester composite(Light mesh): 100D/144F, 150D/144F
Cation polyester Woolenex: 75D/96F-144F, 100D/144F, 150D/144F-288F, 300D/144F-288F
Semi-dull Polyester DTY 50D/36F 75D/36F 100D/36F 100/48F 118D/72F 150D/48F 150D/96F 200D/96F
Micro Semi-dull Polyester DTY 52D/72F 75D/72F 75D/144F 100D/96F 108D/72F 118D/72F 118D/144F 150D/96F 150D/144F 150D/288F 200D/288F 300D/576F(S+Z No Torque)
Bright Polyester DTY (Flat Section) 75D/144F 100D/192F 120D/192F 150D/288F 200D/288F
Cationic Dyed Polyester DTY 75D/36F 100D/48F 150D/48F 200D/72F 300D/96F
Black Dyed Polyester DTY 75D/36F 100D/36F 150D/48F
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